Thursday, November 8, 2018

Tabby Town Cat Cafe & Corgi Club

Tabby Town Cat Cafe & Corgi Club in Silang, Cavite is a place you really have to make time for if you want to visit. Unless you live nearby. Coming from the Metro, you can drive there or take the bus. Located along the Santa Rosa Road going to Tagaytay, the facility is standalone, with few parking slots. Upon entry, friendly staff will great you as you check their Food menu or Cat/Dog cafe rates.
Entry Rates for Cat Cafe or Corgi Club: 
  • Php220/hr with Iced Tea
  • Php270/hr with Hot/Cold drinks or Milkshake
  • Php350/hr with Frappe
  • If you want to split the hour, 30mins at Cat Cafe and 30mins at Corgi Club Rates: 
  • Php350 with Iced Tea, Php420 with Select Beverages
Lovely cafe, with light coming in from the windows.
Cat and dog food in various sizes of sacks and cans were available to purchase.
Stairs leading to upper levels where the play areas were.
House Rules
2nd Level Cat play area
Chubby and chill. Most kitties were this way.
3rd Level Dog play area. You have to leave your shoes and change to slippers. Best to wear socks as you come. Staff will provide you with sanitizers before entering.
The 3rd level was a bright, roomy, awesome play space. It's divided into 2 parts. The premier area was where the smaller dogs were. 
Seats, toys, sanitizers, tissues, etc. Staff were always quick to clean up after the dogs' oopsies.
Preston the Corgi, and the pug. Sorry I didn't get all their names.
Felicity the Pomeranian
The pug was in heat during my visit so he kept humping the corgi lol.
Paris the Papillon. The sweetest one during my visit, slept on me a long time.
Australian Shepherd
Pink fence separating the smaller and larger dogs. Staff said the division also helped create distance for dogs with clashing personalities or just foul moods. Two areas afforded them the option to enforce better peace.
Great view from the 3rd floor. 
Husky and Spaniel
Ivanka the Retriever
Big dogs play area
Small dogs play area
Cafe counter
Tabby Town Cafe Menu
Tabby Town Cafe Menu
Clubhouse Sandwich: Php190
Cafe Latte: Php85
Hot Tea: Php65
Iced Tea: complimentary from entry fee

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Tabby Town Cat Cafe & Corgi Club
#410, Purok 5, Barangay Lumil
Silang, Cavite
Tel +63 9561891007

Hours: Monday - Closed
Tuesday to Friday - 12noon to 7PM
Saturday to Sunday - 11AM to 8PM


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