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Rossini Ristorante Italiano

Rossini Ristorante Italiano, located at 2nd level of S Maison, offers a calming, breezy view of the ocean. Large cushy seats, perfectly set tables, along with its high ceilings, impeccable service, and luxe ambiance make a most satisfying experience for diners. All that even before the food arrives.
I was invited by Zomato to a Foodie Meetup for Rossini. All dishes were provided by Rossini Ristorante. Mr. Thomas Moersheim, the owner, joined us during the meal. He was very gracious in explaining every dish, told us personal stories about his love for food, where they get most coveted ingredients, even their decisions in selecting restaurant interiors, and back stories of some special wines.
Bar area
According to owner, sir Thomas, they aspire to bring an authentic experience to patrons, from the flown-in ingredients, enhanced traditional recipes, down to the decor. Their cooks had to go through a precise, intense training, and staff were skilled in fine dining etiquette. 
Menu and cutlery
Olive oil bread dip
Complimentary breads. The black ones had charcoal, good for pulling toxins.
We were offered to select  a drink from the juices and shakes menu. Orange Juice.
Cucumber Dalandan Slush
Grape Slush
Salmone Marinato con Spuma di Formaggio Tartufata (value php950) - It was one of the best dishes I've tried, perfectly spiced and delicious. The combination of salmon and creme was a no-fail.
Misto di Salumi e Formaggi (value php1220) - An assortment of meats and cheeses, good for wine or beer pairing. The plate was arranged with the cuts next to the best cheese to be paired with. Olives and walnuts for crunch. Charcoal bread on the side.
Burrata (value php730) - The cheese was fresh, paired nicely with a light dressing, salad, grapes. This was one of their special items. The burrata has to be uber fresh to be served. Best to call in advance.
Insalata Rossini (value php490) - Fresh salad with balanced flavours including truffle shavings and artichoke. I liked the subtle dressing and crunch of each ingredient.
Pasta Corta al Ragu di Filetto di Manzo e Porcini (value php560) - beef tenderloin ragout with dried Italian porcini, rosemary, and tomato sauce. 
Pizza alla Romana: Prosciutto e Rucola (value php650) - No dressing nor condiments needed. Right amount of crunch and softness with the crust. I love prosciutto so this was awesome for me.
Risotto ai Funghi Porcini e Tartufo Nero (value php510) - The real "authentic" risotto in the whole city. Unbelievably tasty and yum! No cream added. Sir Thomas explained the difference between using Italian rice, which has more starch hence the innate creaminess, from using regular rice, which other restos do, and thus had to add cream to create the mush.
Grigliata Mista di Carne (value php3000) - The meats main, which had assorted succulent meat portions with a side of chips and sauce. I love grilled meats. If this was a only dish I'll eat, I'd opt to have more vegetables on the side.
Grigliata Mista di Pesce Reale (value php3650) - The seafood main, which has the freshest items that don't require layers of spices. Everyone made sure to get a scallop. I tasted each item, paired them with a spoonful of baked potato and creamy sauce. Yum!
Tiramisu alla Rossini (value php350) - The best tiramisu ever, hands down. Nothing compares.
Cannoli Siciliani (value php170) - Authentic cannoli with high grade sweetened ricotta cheese. 
Busy table.
Sir Thomas Moersheim slicing the burrata in equal shares :)

Great service, amazing food! I'd like to extend my gratitude to the entire staff, chefs, cooks, and Mr. Thomas of Rossini Ristorante for hosting us.

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Rossini Ristorante Italiano
Level 2, S Maison, 
Conrad Manila, 
Pasay City
Tel: 02 2469069 ext 271

Hours: 10AM-10PM

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