Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

 Pups and Cups Dog Cafe is probably the best pet cafe I've been to. The reason being was that all the dogs here were super calm, lovable, responsive, and chill. I've been to several dog cafes and there were always some unruly, misbehaving pup. Here, each of them were just awesome. Perfect for kids, or if you're a bit aloof to dogs, you can relax here and actually enjoy yourself. 
 Located at BF Las Piñas,  you can take a car or commute. It's easy to find. Their roomy cafe offers a lounge area where you can order food or just hang out. They have pastas, sandwiches, soups, desserts, etc. Entry Fee is Php190/person with 1 complimentary drink of your choice, and 1.5-hours playtime with doggies.
 Lounge area
 Inside the dog play area. Staff were very attentive, friendly, and kept the place sanitary.
 Leave your shoes/bags in the lockers. They provide slippers for all guests. Still best to wear or bring socks.
They were actually able to shove 3 Pomeranians together, along with the rest of the pack in one sitting. No one was cranky nor jumped. Everyone was calm and just nicely sat on the bench.
 Allura the Pomeranian
 Asudin the Corgi
 Slinky the Dachshund
 Clover the Shih Tzu
Pups Family
Complimentary drink
Waffle: Php160

104 Gloria Diaz Street BF Resort Village, Las Piñas
Hours: 12PM - 11PM

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