Saturday, September 29, 2018

Leyte Dive Resort

 Leyte Dive Resort in Candatag, Southern Leyte is a tropical, beachfront accommodation with limited rooms, dive packages, and an in-house restaurant. It was peaceful and quiet, staff were available early morning to serve your breakfast of choice. They would normally inform you that they'd be turning in around 7-8PM (or earlier) so you can make dinner orders if you want to. Pre-arranged airport or port transport pick-up is available, just get in touch with your travel details.
 Breathtaking view each day. The beach was clean, with small rocks, less seaweeds. We swam here under the shade of nearby trees. Really nice.
 Bungalows with verandas. There were several cats in the compound. Harmless, but watch out for their poops in the gardens, or on the stairs lol.
 Deluxe Room: Php1440 per night with Breakfast (Agoda)
 En suite bathroom with sink, and water heater. No bidet. There's a TV in the room, closet, vanity.
 The water heater was the older model. You have to let it run before it warms up, but when it does, it could be scalding within 2 minutes. Turn it off and on, then it would be cold again. Water pressure was good.
 Resort's restaurant has the same amazing view overlooking the ocean.
 There's a fully stocked bar, which was also the resort's sort-of reception area.
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
American Breakfast: Php220 
 Continental Breakfast: Php180
Chicken or Pork Adobo: Php280

Candatag, Malitbog
Southern Leyte 6603
Tel: (053) 589 0496

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