Friday, September 28, 2018

Guesthouse Geragera

 Guesthouse Geragera is an awesome beachfront accommodation in Kobe, Japan. I decided to include this in my itinerary because of the ocean proximity eventhough it's far from Kobe central, and it's pretty much provincial. The powdery sands and blue skies were such contrasts to Tokyo, and really, I'm just a sucker for beachfronts. I wanted to experience something non-traditionally Japanese, and this charming coastal abode was just perfect. 
 Nearest station would be Nishi Maiko, and there were no English translations anymore in the trains. From there, it's a few minutes walk to the guesthouse. There's a Starbucks 2-3 houses down the road. Family Mart is across the train tracks plus several meters walk. The tracks get pretty busy and you'd have to wait for the level crossing to go up because you'll be literally running across the tracks.
 Hotel add-ons. You'll have to pre-order your breakfast online before arriving because the restaurant opens around 10AM. I bought food from Family Mart instead because I didn't get to pre-order.
 Very beachy vibe. The reception and resto were at the 3rd floor.
 6-Bed Female Dorm Room: Php1654 (including tax)
That was the price during my stay, but I used my Agoda points so it was practically free for me. 
 The room was bright, impressively clean, with deep and wide cubbies per bed. There's an air-condition unit for the whole room, which was sufficiently cold enough. Good thing you can adjust the temp with the remote.
 There was a power socket, window, curtain, hangers, and a very large, soft comforter. They gave me beddings for the pillow and bed. WiFi was good.
 There's a thermos, vanity sink in the room. Bring your own toiletries or buy/rent from the guesthouse.
Shower with heated water
 Curtains can cover the whole cubby if you prefer it.
 Beach-style bar facing the sea.
 Guesthouse Geragera restaurant during night time.
 Restaurant during day time.
Relaxed and friendly setting at the resto.
 Great chill-out place with a view of the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge.
 Terrace seats, great for lazy afternoons.
 Covered terrace area.
Guesthouse Geragera Menu 
Guesthouse Geragera Menu 
 Guesthouse Geragera Dinner Set 
  Guesthouse Geragera Dessert Menu
  Guesthouse Geragera Drinks
  Guesthouse Geragera Drinks
  Guesthouse Geragera Drinks
 I tried the Hamburg Omelet Rice: JPY1200, and a Pot of Tea: Php420.
Of course I didn't get to finish the whole burger, but they don't allow take-aways so I just did my best and left the rest. It was really flavourful and filling. Size was good to share.
 Beachfront guesthouse during night time.
 Morning bliss. Like the Golden Gate bridge.

  • I really enjoyed my stay here. Partly because it's one of the times I've travelled far and sought new places on my own. 
  • Staff were extremely attentive. We all used Google Translate to communicate easily, but they do understand English. 
  • Checking-in was swift. I rented a towel during my stay for JPY100. For check-out, they told me to just leave the keys and towel on my bed, and that's it. I could just walk-out anytime before 10AM. Feels good to meet people with good faith. 
  • During night time, some guests had a bonfire on the beach. 
  • A lot of daytrippers came in early morning to rent beach tables and cook.
  • Highly recommended

7 Chome-15-41 Kariguchidai
Tarumi Ward, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 
655-0049, Japan
Tel: +81 78-202-8659

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