Sunday, April 22, 2018

Residencia Boracay

Before Boracay shuts down for a 6-month healing and clean-up program, we were able to visit the island, just before proper summertime. This time, we opted to book a room at Station 1. This would be my first time in this part of the coastal strip, and it's definitely way better than Station 2 and 3. Less people, less boats or whatever water activity equipments nearby. The ocean seems bigger and not crowded. Good thing Residencia Boracay still had rooms available. Most beachfront resorts were full.
View from Residencia Boracay's beach beds.
Residencia Boracay is one of those fortunate resorts which has both beach access at one end, and roadside entry at the other. We took the services of Island Star Express, which was cheaper than Southwest Tours (like 1 grand less). They dropped us off the resort's gates. 
Front desk / concierge. You can also borrow beach towels here, and just return it after use.
Room Rates as of March 2018
Massage Spa rates
Water Activities
Dining area for buffet breakfast
Welcome drinks
Nice, clean exterior path
Most Superior Rooms were located at the back of the resort. More expensive rooms were closer to the beach. But no matter, it's more quiet here, with a village-like feel.
Superior Room: Php3300 (Agoda)
We added Php500/day for the 3rd person, which includes buffet breakfast. There was a double and a single bed in all Superior Rooms. It was actually designed for 3 pax.
Bathroom, TV, vanity, phone, bottled water (refillable), thermos, cups, teas/coffee sachets
Door leading to Drying Room, and main door (leading outside)
Drying Area attached per room
Closet, and mini fridge
Towels provided, glasses (for brushing), bidet
Water Heater works. Just make sure to mix to your desired temperature. It could get scalding hot on and off.
Soap and shampoo packets
The restaurant faces the beach
Cabanas, tables and chairs
Massage Area
Buffet Area. There is also an Egg/Pancake Station at the side. You can request for omelettes, sunnies, crepes, or pancakes.
Several viands, rice
Soup, or congee
Fruits, breads
Grains, cereals
Residencia Boracay Menu
Residencia Boracay Menu
Residencia Boracay Menu
Grilled Blue Marlin with Mango Salsa: Php270
Herb Roasted Chicken: Php320
Mashed Potato: Php120
Golden Pumpkin Bisque: Php140
Mango Shake, Watermelon Shake: Php125 each

  • Dishes were quite affordable, with huge serving size. 
  • Staff were nice and approachable. We requested for a few extra hangers, and they gave us about 6 more.
  • There were hotel staffs keeping an eye on house guests by the beach. Really helpful, especially because most guests just leave their bags and items on the beach beds while they frolic in the water.
  • Mineral Water Dispensers (hot and cold) were provided for hotel guests, stationed near the rooms, and by the restaurant.

Boracay Beach Front Hotel
White beach Station 1, 
Sitio Pina-Ungon, Boracay, Malay,  Aklan
Phone: (02) 928 9363

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