Sunday, February 25, 2018

Styluxe Salon

Styluxe Salon at The Fort BGC area is located at The Plaza in Arya Residences. It has glass walls, which makes it inviting, and allows guests to see the modern, crisp interiors as they arrive. The front desk was to the left, and staff was friendly. I had a reservation so I was instantly led to the upper level, where my stylist's spot was. I got their Haircut (any length) by Lead Stylist Php390 from Dealgrocer (Php650 regular price, eventhough Dealgrocer would say it's worth Php850).
The ground floor was roomy, despite the limited space. It's clean and mostly has functional items in place.
The upper floor has the hair treatment chairs, rinse area, storage room, and comfort room.
Comfy rinsing chairs.
Individual chairs with ample spaces in between. 
Styluxe Salon Services
Styluxe Salon Services

  • I was given a nice robe which I wore the whole service. 
  • Tea, coffee, and iced tea were also offered.
  • I should say, my stylist did a great job. I showed him a photo of a haircut I like. After my cut, I thought it only looked good because it was blow dried, but it actually stayed on for weeks, after numerous washing and air-drying (until it grew longer).
The Plaza, Arya Residences
The Fort, BGC
Tel: (02) 800 3655 

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