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Urban Pack Hostel

Urban Pack Hostel in Haiphong Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong is an awesome spot to park your tired tracks after a long day of touring around HK. We skipped Chungking Mansion for lesser chaos, and this hostel is perfect in many ways. The location is just across the TST MTR Station, right along the relevant Nathan Road, 15-min walking distance to Kowloon Port (Star Ferry), very near fast food joints (McDonald's, KFC) and 7-11 convenience stores. Lobby was always in order, few to several people at a time. The elevator was never crowded, at least during our stay. 
From the airport, head to the Bus Terminus. Take shuttle bus #A21. Alight at Stop #13 at Cameron Road, Haiphong Mansion - Urban Pack Hostel is just across. Bus fare: HK$33, duration: about 1 hour. No eating nor drinking inside the bus.
There are 2 entrances for the hostel. One along Haiphong Road, the other at Lock Road. The lobby is pretty straightforward. It's just a hallway leading to the elevators. There are CCTV cameras at all corners, and front desk watching security.
Clean, wide corridors on level 14.
The hostel's receiving area is on the 14th floor. There were a lot of people when we arrived. Just wait your turn, the staff were really nice.
14th floor common area.
Urban Pack Hostel House Rules, and price list for other items.
Guests are allowed to use the thermos, cutlery, glasses, plates, etc.
Microwave was functional.
We were assigned to the 15th floor, which we loved. It has a small terrace where you can overlook the city below. Haiphong Mansion is next to a Kowloon Park, so it's an incredible view with all the trees, open area, and the rows of buildings at Nathan Road.
Dining area
View from the outdoor terrace.
Dining area during day time.
We got this Private Room for 2 pax: Php2950 per night via Agoda. It's tight, but well designed. It has a double deck bed, narrow cabinet, A/C. Bathroom is shared. 
Beddings and duvet were provided. We rented towels, HK$15 each, I think.
Modern bathroom. 2 showers, 2 toilets.
Shower area. Bit of an issue with their hot water. It wasn't consistent, took too long to heat up, then would escalate to scalding hot.. hehe. Anyway, just try to manage the water temp and it'll work out.
Toilet stalls. There's no bidet so they actually ask guests to throw tissues in the bowl when doing number 2. Otherwise, everything's spot on. Clean, toilet rolls on stand by. Bins were provided.
Thermos, cups, and electric sockets.
These restaurants are at Lock Road, few steps from Haiphong Mansion. They offer breakfast options and open around 7AM.
We got to try Ocean Empire Restaurant. It was lovely, staff were friendly in their own way, and food was good.
Ocean Empire Breakfast Menu
Congee + noodles + milk tea: HK$37
Plate of scrambled egg, bread roll, butter, ham + milk tea: HK$39
This congee saved our asses each time we're hungry. And it was all we could afford too.. hehehe. We had to scout several 7-11 stores to find it and buy in bulk. Food in HK is pricey. Rice is hard to find at affordable eateries or fast food. We only got to eat Yang Chow fried rice (no plain rice) at large Chinese restos in tourist spots. Price was high but serving size could feed a clan.

  • Before you book via agents, try to contact the hostel's FB messenger first. From what I know, they offer discounts for direct booking.
  • According to their site, a key deposit of HK$200 would be asked upon check-in. 
  • We never got to explore other levels of the mansion, but from posters we've seen, there's a massage spa, and some restaurants.
  • Going to the airport, just find the Bus Stop for #A21 along Nathan Road, near Haipong Road. Same fare HK$33
Urban Pack Hostel
14thFloor, 1410 Hai Phong Mansion
53 Hai Phong Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2732 2271

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