Sunday, December 10, 2017

Siquijor Day Trip

Siquijor is a magical little island, surrounded with white sand beaches, cool waters, and a mystical vibe in all corners. We only have time for a day-tour, arrive in the morning, leave on afternoon. But the boats travelling to Siquijor from Dumaguete had select hours to sail, and most of them were full, on first-come first-serve basis. We fell in line around 8:30AM and got onboard a ferry past 10AM. Dumaguete to Siquijor Ferry Ticket Fare: Php130 per adult.
Dumaguete Pier is located at the far end of the boulevard, near Siliman. There are a couple of shipping lines catering to passengers, with varying prices and schedules. No person of authority in the area, best to ask around (each ticket booth) to get your info right.
Eventually, falling in line leads to this.
Ferry ticket
Terminal Fee: Php15
Once in the port premise, the Terminal grounds were vast.
Passenger Terminal. There's comfort room, some food stalls.
Boarding the ship headed for Siquijor.
An air-conditioned area is an option. We opted to stay at the open air seating section.
After 1 hour and 30mins ride, we arrived at Siquijor Pier. Look at the pristine waters!
Sun, sea, sweltering heat.
We hired a tricycle for a day tour. They have a fixed pricing rate for tourists which includes Php1,000 per day for maximum 3 persons. There were only 2 of us so it was a comfortable ride around the island. We requested to be dropped off One Sunset View Resort in San Juan, Siquijor.
We called ahead and asked the resort staff if we can swim in the beach and use their shower facilities. They allowed us access since we also had our lunch there. It was low tide and several sand bars were up.
They have a simple ala carte lunch menu served at their lovely restaurant, facing the gorgeous view of the ocean.
Lunch meal was priced around Php100-150. They have cocktails and wines (Php150 and up), and Shakes for Php65 and up.
Beachfront area of One Sunset View.
Towels were provided to us. These were rental, forgot how much. But very affordable for sure.
If you'd like to have pool access, there's a different rate. Their accommodations face the pool and garden.
After our swim, our driver took us to this public pool park. The water is natural spring, I believe.
Quite well made. Looks cool for a soak.
Finally, we went to the Century Old Balete Tree with a fish spa underneath. Here you can check out souvenir stalls and get some shirts, magnets, hats, etc.
Fish Spa under the old tree.
Water was cool and clean.
Fishes love 'em dead skin cells lol.
Near the pier, the Welcome to Siquijor marker can be found at the plaza.
Siquijor Church
Simbahan ng Siquijor

Before the port gates, there's a hub of eateries to your right. We got some take away burgers and drinks. Affordable, and decent quality.
Going back to Dumaguete, we took the Ocean Jet ferry. It was more expensive, but only 50mins ride. Ocean Jet Siquijor to Dumaguete fare: Php230 tourist class.
Ocean Jet interiors.
Back to Dumaguete port by 6PM.

  • If you happen to be in Dumaguete and have a full day to spare, best to spend it on Siquijor. The roads feel a foot wider, and the breeze casts spells on passersby.

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