Saturday, December 16, 2017

PrettyLooks Lip Tint

PrettyLooks have a new branch in Uptown Parade Mall in BGC. Located at the 2nd floor, next to rows of other beauty clinics and aesthetic spas, PrettyLooks' warm interiors offer a welcoming, princess-y, bright feel. I opted to get their Permanent Lip Tint or Lip Tattoo promo for only Php2999 per session. Regular price, as of date, is Php15,000 for 2 sessions (according to their BGC staff), and that's for a Junior Artist to do your lips. For Senior Artist, it goes for Php20-30k for 2 sessions.
Read my 1st experience with PrettyLooks Lip Tint: Lip Tattoo Ortigas
My 2nd round of sessions with PrettyLooks Lip Tint: Lip Tattoo BGC
A sleek receiving area is peppered with lavish furnishings and accent lighting. 
Clean and orderly hallways leading to individual rooms for services.
Room for Lip Tattoo. Cool (because of AC), not too bright, and still charming, even with the needles and tissues.
First, topical anaesthesia was applied. It's yellowish this time, unlike before when it was white. Remember to ask for full coverage. Any spot missed can trigger pain once tinting starts. I think we had to wait about 30minutes for the anaesthesia to set before the session.
They asked me for the color or tint I like. Since this would be my 3rd or possibly 4th lip tint, I chose the same color as before.
Slightly plump lips after the session. The anaesthesia did miss some parts of my lips, and these areas didn't go numb. My tattoo artist had to re-apply the anaesthesia several times in different spots just so we could finish. I wouldn't have minded an injection if it would numb my whole damn face. Better to feel nothing at all.
I was prescribed Clinovir, priced Php400. You can buy at the front desk.
Post Healing Process for Lip Tint
Lips after two days when the swelling went down. It would still peel for about 3 weeks before the final color would set. 

  • When it comes to lip tattoo, I only trust PrettyLooks. Their expertise speaks volumes, and I've tried and tested their services many times. 
  • Even when their packages and prices have gone up, they continuously offer promos now and then. My first lip tint was priced Php999 per session. Inflation beats us all. Good thing PrettyLooks' results still delivers.
Uptown Parade, 2nd Floor-9th Avenue corner 36th St. BGC , Taguig City
Telephone: 989-4430 | 834-5523 | 886-9667
Mobile:0917-689 5144 | 0917-1374164

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