Friday, December 22, 2017

Paws & Play Cafe

Paws & Play Cafe is the only pet cafe in central Manila, so far. Located along Leon Guinto Street near Taft Avenue, it's very accessible. The place is more narrow than wide. From the outside, you can probably spot a white Pomeranian, or a friendly Malamute by the reception.
Paws & Play Cafe exterior. It's not a big establishment, and is situated next to other commercial stalls.

Large and cuddly Malamute.
Make sure you're wearing socks or bring a pair. Leave your footwear in the shelves before entering the cafe and play area. Staff won't allow you to go in barefoot.
Guarding the door.
Guests are required to order from the Menu for access to the dogs. No imposed entrance fee. 
This dog cafe is not as high-end nor polished as the other ones I've been to. Perhaps a clean, no-fuss decor can largely improve the over all ambiance. Wood is good with whites, especially in a narrow area. Accent colors are good, but too much would look chaotic, like the rainbow-colored tables. It would also be better if every item has its place, especially those not intended to be seen by guests- like cleaning materials, unused items, or cabinets/storage.
Anyway, the floor tiles/covering also came with a design. They're flowers prints, I think. Wires and cords can be covered, and corners could use some mouldings.
This area looks good. The distressed wooden fence appears raw, though.
Play area where the dogs hang.
The upper level is for the little dogs, I reckon. Not sure if guests are allowed up.
This cute chowchow was lounging by the doorway leading to the kitchen. Perhaps better tile grout, or wooden panel would help.
Staff were always cleaning the floors, so it's safe to sit down and play with the awesome dogs.
Chow Chow
You can also ask the friendly staff to take your photo with the dogs. They'll teach you how to handle or hold them, and make them stay.
This could be improved. Just turn the nail if you want to exit the play area.
Cheezy Fingers (Php198), which came with a complimentary Pastel Drink.

  • They provide alcohol to guests, so you can tidy up before or after eating, or playing.
  • The place is generally nice. I could see great potential, especially if they improve the interior design. 
  • Dogs were lovely. They're all friendly, mostly napping. I never heard a bark nor a growl while I was there.
  • Staff were very accommodating.

Leon Guinto corner Vito Cruz Street
near Taft Avenue, Manila
Tel: 0905 528 7518
Hours: 12noon-10PM (last entry 9PM)

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