Monday, December 18, 2017

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear is a well-designed pet cafe featuring cats and dogs, and 2 cafe areas for humans. One at the reception-slash-waiting area, where displays of pastries can be seen; and another at the 2nd floor next to the playground of smaller dogs. Staff were thorough and careful about informing guests of the dos and don'ts while interacting with the animals. Everyone needs to be a member, though. Membership is good for 1 year, which comes with various perks, and an extra Php100 on top of the entrance fee. They do offer promos which include free membership. Make sure to check their social media pages for updates.
At the time of visit, I paid Php199 for 1 free drink, and 1 hour access to both cats and dogs areas. Guests would pay Php299 for a free drink, and 2 hour access inside. Plus the membership fee of Php100.
Pastries available
Sari the beautiful Samoyed
Lovely coat, such a sweet dog. She's super friendly, and fluffy.
I think I got the Apple Juice.
Complimentary drink options depending on the package you paid for.
Change of footwear first. Make sure you're wearing socks because everyone's required to wear their in-house slippers.
Wash your hands before entering the pet area. And after.
Cats' lair.
Cats were scattered under the tables, over their wooden bridge, on top of tables. Make sure you watch where you're stepping.
Cats resting on shelves.
Cute kitty under the table.
Bengal cat keeping close to the serval cat.
Serval cat napping
Dogs' area. There was a log theme going on here. There were Saint Bernard dogs, as well as a Sheepdog, and the entrance to the open cages for Malamutes.
Seating areas
A bar of sort. They do private parties so the several hubs definitely help.
Get extra drinks for more time to play with the animals.
Saint Bernard
Handlers assist guests while interacting with the malamutes.
Playful malamutes
View from upper floor.
Lounging by the bi-landing.
2nd level. Guests usually take their drinks here.
Dining areas next to play area for smaller dogs.
Tiny dog houses.


  • Staff were ok. Especially the ones who assisted at the Malamutes area. Reception staff were bit busy and would take their time to have you fill out proper forms (for the membership). 
  • Dogs were all friendly. You can pet, and hug them. Or even carry the tiny ones. Try not to bother anyone napping. 
  • Cats were mostly standoff-ish, which is usual for them. But they don't cower and run away as much. You can pet them too.
  • I remember no strong, foul smell. The place was huge, 2-storey, which allows air to circulate well.
Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear
Manhattan Parkview, General Malvar Ave, Cubao
Tel: (02) 366-8287
Hours: 12noon - 11PM

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