Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park

 Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park in Valencia, Dumaguete City is the usual weekend destination of the locals to cool off. Families drive up Valencia hill in hoards, especially during summer days. I came to the resort with about 20 of my relatives so we were a party on our own. We came as walk-ins and good thing they found a long table for us between the rented room buildings and the sloping mountain. There were coconut trees around. A coconut actually fell, and fortunately didn't hit anyone.
 Front desk
 Entrance. They strictly check you tickets / stamps before you can enter.
 Rented accommodations
 Tables set up on one part of the garden.
 Pool fronting tables
 Pool with slides
 Comfort room
 Mist is spray all throughout the day to keep bugs off, or for cooling. No idea which.
 People like to walk barefoot. But do consider, the pavement and all cemented walkways are hot. Sometimes scorching.
 Table huts
 Shower area
Parallel parking outside the resort.

  • Pool was highly chlorinated, so best to not swallow a drop.
  • There are shallow and deep areas. If you're a swimmer, not an issue.
  • Slides are effective. Just line up and slither down the tube.
  • Bring your own food. Not sure if they sell beverages or snacks in the area.
  • There's a zip line which dips close to the pool lol. But no one can reach you, no worries.
  • After showering in the open (no other option), every female would proceed inside the bathroom stalls to change clothes, which had no hooks or shelves for your clothes. Expect wet floor at all times. And if you're actually falling in line to pee, then tough luck. Others use the pool (not recommended).
  • Vibe was lively, music was on at all times.
  • Before leaving, best to pick up all your trash and clean your spot.

Taft Street, Valencia, Negros Oriental
Hours: 9AM - 6PM
Tel: (035) 400 3977

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