Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bahura Beach Resort

 Bahura Beach Resort in Dauin is a short 30-minute drive from Dumaguete. The vast property extends from the main road to the ocean. Guard at the gates scrutinizes guests, does a head count, and allows entry. Parking is anywhere of your choice, best pick one near the facilities, or under the shade of trees.
 We thoroughly enjoyed their lovely pool, one of the two. The other one was occupied by a foreign couple.
 Pool was warm, which was perfect. They require a proper swimming attire, but I asked permission to let me swim in the pool even though I was wearing a t-shirt and swim shorts.
 The rooms can be found in the surrounding buildings, with a clear view of the gardens, pool, and ocean.
 We availed their Day Tour package of Php500 per person. It includes  a set lunch, access to the pool, beach, and safety swim gear rental (about Php100 more or less, I forgot exactly)
 Water was rough that day. On clear days, you can see corals and fishes a few meters off their beach.
Waves were unforgiving, which turned the waters unclear. Not susceptible for snorkeling at all. 
 Rented gear
 Outdoor shower area. There are toilet stalls you can change into.
 A choice of main course for their complimentary set lunch.
 Set Lunch
Mango Float Dessert

KM 19/20 Dauin, Dumaguete City
Negros Oriental
Tel: (02) 892 3477

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