Sunday, October 22, 2017

Skin Philosophie

I decided to try Skin Philosophie when I suddenly had a massive, troubling acne spread across my face. According to the clinics I've visited, it's a result of stupid stress, dirt, product allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance, and again, unnecessary stress. Ha! And it was a good thing I was feeling numb the whole time, existing in a state of indifference, figuring out what the hell happened, and what I should become of it. Still, nothing lasts forever. Even my acne calmed down somehow, but not exactly with the help of Skin Philosophie, unfortunately.
I started coming in for their "no-prick, injection-only" service. I think it was 10 injections for Php1000, but they always give a 20% discount if you pay cash, so I only paid Php800. For 6 injections, it's Php600. They will give you 50% if you acquire other treatments or services, like basic facial.
 The injections were for active pimples. It will reduce the size and swell, and some were actually completely flatten. This would eliminate any scarring, which is common during the few days after a regular facial, due to pricking.
Facilities and rooms were sanitary, with a spa-feel. Staff were super friendly. Although I never got to consult with Dra. Kyla in the several times I've been there. I was always assigned to one of the nurses, who were really kind and professional too.  
I also tried their Anti-Acne Peel with Basic FacialPhp1120. Their Basic Facial alone is Php650. It starts off with facial cleaning, then application of the anti-acne solution. It was supposed to peel and aid with the acne-infested top layer of the face.
The thing I didn't like much was the facial itself. They did use a really awesome equipment that's like a mini scalpel. It's painless and just goes through the skin smoothly, taking all the blackheads and whiteheads. Only the person who facilitated my service wasn't the best one for it. I noticed, because she wasn't thoroughly sterile with her process. She would wipe the blackheads/ whiteheads with the same cotton over and over. I felt uneasy. She told me she was actually the clinic's masseuse, and was just recently trained to do facials. She used to do body and foot massages. Anyway, that was it for me. I never came back.
 Clean comfort room.
The elevator opens to the clinic at the 3rd level.

  • Skin Philosophie is a thriving beauty clinic. They have well-researched treatments and valuable services. They always give a free touch-ups for up to 1 week after your session. This includes free injections for new active pimples. 
  • I like how they reward clients with a 20% discount for cash payments. That's actually pretty big savings.
  • I'm not sure if I'll be back for their injections, as I like to pretend to be brave and prefer pricking nowadays. It doesn't hurt, and the scars heal easily anyway. My current derma told me that injections should be the last resort, and a temporary solution. Most injected pimples do not really disappear, thus still need to be completely removed (by pricking). 
  • Anyway, each clinic has its own way, and clients can choose which one they'd believe in. It is, after all, our faces on the line.

3rd Floor B3 Bonifacio High Street, 
9th Avenue corner Lane P, BGC
Tel: 02-2158080 / 02-8567451

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