Monday, October 30, 2017

Natura Spa

Natura Spa in Dumaguete City is located outside the downtown central, but only a tricycle ride away. Reservations are a must, as I've experienced a misunderstanding with their front desk one time. When I arrived, they already gave my slot to someone else. Their reception staff changed duties, and the one who took my reservation wasn't able to properly take note of it.
Months after, I came back with my folks in tow. Good thing no issues whatsoever that time. We were asked to wait for a while at their lovely receiving area.
They also sell organic products like soaps, oils, etc..
After your spa session, hot tea will be served here.
We were led to their foot massage room. It was bright and roomy. No air-condition. I'm not sure if they just didn't turn it on, or there really wasn't any. It was fine with me, though.
A bucket of soapy water for foot soak before the service.
Magic Foot Massage (60 mins): Php280
Signature Foot Massage (60 mins): Php350
Complimentary tea afterwards.

  • Foot massage in Nuat Thai Dumaguete was Php150/hr, but Natura Spa's Php280 or Php350/hr still beats every damn, expensive spa in Manila. Considering their facilities and service, it's decent and considerably cheap. 
  • Service was good. There was a young child roaming around our room during our service (and sitting on our bed-chairs lol), but she's probably related to the owner so staff just let her be. She didn't bother us much. But if you're into complete tranquility and stuff, it might seem unprofessional.
  • All in all, it's one of the best spas you can go for in Dumaguete, not counting the spas in high-end resorts. Natura Spa is a good one.

EJ Blanco St., Piapi, Dumaguete City
Tel: 0906 2267579 / 0998 4202713 
 Hours: 12PM-12AM (Mon-Sat) / 11PM-11AM (Sunday)

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