Friday, October 6, 2017

Let's Face It: Foot Massage

Let's Face It offers a quickie foot massage service. For a good 30-minutes, you can avail of their Foot Massage with Free Hand and Head Massage: Php280. For 1hour, it's Php540. We opted for the half hour sesh because we only have a short time to spare, plus it's cheaper. You still get the benefit of getting your toes kneaded, and having a breather will calm you down. 
Although they have a 5-seater special area for Foot Massages, you still face the side-by-side beds of other clients getting facial treatments. Not an inconvenience at all, as they won't be facing you technically. They face the ceiling.
Soothing hot water soak before the reflex.
The place can get packed, plus they offer many services so expect a lot of staff and customers during peak hours. But rest assured, you'll get your slice of pampering at their little corner spa.

2nd Floor Annex A
Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 556-0480

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