Friday, October 20, 2017

Creations by Lourd Ramos

Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon in Greenfield District is a modern, quasi-chaotic, with Victorian laced mirrors, and area-separating dividers. They make use of the irregular shape of their unit. Upon entry, the staff welcomed me and immediately gave me a spot. I was the only guest at the time.
I came for their discounted promo from Deal Grocer: Repair Damaged Hair with Olaplex Mini Treatment for Php1125. It was supposedly originally priced at Php2100 (according to Deal Grocer), but staff told me it regularly costs around Php1400.
The process started with a proper hair wash. The treatment cream was then applied to my hair, along with a short, relaxing head massage. 
Hair rinsing area.
I was offered water or tea but I declined as I was still full from lunch.
I was applied with Olaplex #2, which was the foam type.

Mini Olaplex Treatment: (duration: approx. 1hr)

  1. shampoo
  2. olaplex application with 5-minute head massage
  3. soak (30 minutes)
  4. rinse
  5. blow dry
  • As for the effect, you would not see anything different aesthetically. Olaplex is designed to make hair stronger and healthier, not shinier or straighter. 
  • After shampooing at home, I noticed there were reduced hair breakage. I used to have clumps of hairfall during shower, a result of badly damaged hair from treatments by cheap salons. 
  • Anyway, I went to another reputable salon, Design Studio Salon in Greenbelt. The staff told me that Olaplex #2 will not do much improvement to my hair. I need to use #1 and #2 to experience Olaplex's effective promise of stronger hair. And I might just try that. Their cost for Olaplex 1&2 stand-alone/add-on treatment: Php1700.
G/F Soho Central Residences
Greenfield District, Mandaluyong
Tel: (02) 234 5221

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