Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bench Fix Salon

I decided to try Bench Fix Salon's Kerastase treatment. It's pricey, but the salon itself was super nice and gorgeous. Staff were ok. The one who attended to me was friendly, so I had a good experience. Located at 2nd Level, Greenbelt 3, this branch was very serene. Perhaps because there were few clients at the time. Interiors were reflective, from the floors to numerous mirrors. It was airy and spacious, plus the white and off white walls produce a clean backdrop.
Bench Fix Salon entry.
Fix Bench Salon Services Menu
I was immediately offered a chair to get my hair assessed. They asked about my hair preferences, I told them about my hair plans - like color, other treatments. I was advised to get the Kerastase Liss Ritual - Oleo Relax Masque: Php1500 for short hair.
My hair was washed in their rinsing station. It was pleasantly designed, perfect lighting, huge wall mirror. I love that they have warm water for shampooing.
Treatment was applied to my hair, soaked for about 30mins under heat.
Rinse and blow dry came next. The whole process took about an hour. The effect should include soft, tangle-free hair, which was supposed to last a month. It lasted about a week or less. Still, my hair was a rebel. It would probably take more than 1 treatment to tame it.

Bench Fix Salon (First Aid)
2L Greenbelt 3 Makati
Tel: (02) 757-0877 / (02) 757-4976


  1. Hi! I also have a rebellious hair. Have you found the perfect treatment for you? Thanks!

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