Monday, September 11, 2017

Okada Manila

Okada Manila is still halfway done as of time. The mammoth complex opened its doors early this year. Parking area is now available at the basement. But, do experience the grandeur and pop in for a visit. The slow revelation is exciting in itself.
Free shuttle every 30 minutes at Mall of Asia. (In front of Pet Express and SM Department Store)
Inside the shuttle, luxe coach seats await.
Comfy seats
Individual screens, you can watch movie, play games, etc. 
In about 10 minutes you'll be rounding the Okada drop-off area.
Hotel lobby
Must've cost a fortune, but who's counting.
Complimentary mini bottled water. Kinda embarrassed to say, my mom hoarded these.
Waiting area for valet, shuttle to MoA, and shuttle to parking. They used to shuttle drivers to the parking area. Now that basement parking is open, guests can use the escalator directly from inside the hotel.
 The fountain plays hourly every evening 6-10PM, and 6-12PM on weekends. Simply join the gathering crowd at the viewing area. The show will play 2 full songs.
 Like fireworks on water.
 Cleverly orchestrated, matching each song's highs and lows.
One tip: 'tis better to see it in person that through your phone. Watch it live and be in the moment.

  • Facing the fountain, several small food stalls are now available including Pink's Hotdogs, TWG, Mary Grace, among others.
  • Do get yourself an Okada Membership Card. Registration is free, and you can't play at the casino without it. You also get discounts at the hotel restaurants by presenting it.
New Seaside Dr, ParaƱaque, 1701 Metro Manila
Tel: 02 888-0777

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