Thursday, September 7, 2017

MNL Beach Hostel Boracay

My one night in Boracay was sort of an emergency situation. By 4PM, I hopped on the cheapest flight I could get from Manila to Kalibo. Took the 2-hr van ride to Caticlan, and boarded the 10-minute boat cruise to Boracay. I arrived before 9PM, checked-in and hunted for dinner. MNL Beach Hostel was perfect for my overnight romp. It was priced below Php1000. Only Php839/night for a spot in the 8-bed Dormitory Room (Female Only), with free breakfast
I took a tricycle from the port to the closest drop-off to MNL Beach Hostel, which was 3-minute walk away. The stairs lead to the reception area. 
Restaurant at the ground floor of the hostel.
Across MNL hostel were more dining spots.
The hostel was no-fuss, friendly, yet clearly particular about proper decorum, manners, and imposing general rules. It's good authority and guests were all gracious about the accommodation.
Common area has free WiFi, and some reading materials (books, magazines).
Stairs leading to Dormitory Rooms.
The common bathroom was good. Separate rooms per toilet, and shower. Long counter basin with mirror as lavatory.
Clean, good spaced toilet room. Large window behind the commode. Breezy.
Shower rooms
Dormitory Room. You all share 1 air-con, and a general trust for each other. Some guests leave their items by the wall (across the beds), which can be accessed by anyone in the room.
Each bed 'pod' has its own light, electric socket, locker with key (bottom of beds), pillow, towel, and flat sheet. Not bad for Php839/night. Rates depend on promos, though. I got mine from Agoda.
I didn't get much sleep so I went up the kitchen/common area and fixed myself some tea.
I sat on this sad chair until the sun came peeking lols.
On daytime, the roof deck looks lovely and colorful. They covered the pool table and converted it to a big dining table. Guests share their breakfasts here.
Guests can access the kitchen, cook, or prepare meals, but should wash all utensils and dishes used.
Everything was organized, and provided for.
During breakfast, a staff was there preparing food and assisting guests with the drinks. Boiled water for hot coffees, teas, water, and cold juice were available.
A note requesting 1 Egg per 1 Person :)
Boiled eggs, jams and butter for breads.
Bread baskets, watermelon and mango fruit slices.
You can literally see the ocean as soon as you step out the hostel.
Took a morning walk here to torture myself lol.

  • I will totally try the Dorm accommodation again! So affordable and sensible, especially when you're alone or traveling with backpacker pals.
  • You will actually opt to go out exploring the scenes because there's nothing else to do in the room but stay in your tiny space. No TV nor WiFi. And while sharing the room with potential strangers may allow you to meet new friends, that could be dangerous on some level at the least.
  • Thumbs up for MNL Beach Hostel.

Road 1A, Boracay Island
Tel: (0977) 803 5627 / (036) 288 2772

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