Friday, September 15, 2017

Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Hesus is a popular destination all year round, but more so during Holy Week. Pilgrims visit the place for renewal, spiritual guidance, or mini retreat. We went a couple of weeks before Holy Week to get ahead of large crowd, but it was heavily visited all the same when we arrived. 
From Buendia-Taft, take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Alight at the terminal and ride a jeepney bound for Lucban. You can get tricycles from Lucban proper (by the town church) straight to Kamay ni Hesus gates. Allowance fare would be around Php130 per head per way. Travel time could extend up to 3 hours, depending on traffic. The jeepney bound for Lucban may also prefer to wait until the vehicle is full, so just be patient.
The vast skies, mountains, trees, and large open space felt like a solid contrast to the city. Quite refreshing.
The complex was filled with statues, prayer hubs, chairs, gardens.
You will pass by the chapel first before starting your ascend up the 103 steps of Kamay ni Hesus hill.
Parking area
Seating areas with tables. Good for family lunches or group gathering.
Comfort Rooms
Blessing Area. Make sure to take your souvenirs, rosaries, hankies, or holy water you bought from the store and have them blessed. The priest will station himself here after every mass. You can also have your personal items blessed if wanted. Php100 donation was encouraged.
Noah's Ark
Nice, polished garden of the Ark. The building is a pastoral center and offers room accommodations. 
Guests can enter the lobby, but only those with business inside were admitted. 
Noah's Ark Room Rates
Candle-lighting Station
Fish feeding next to Noah's Ark
Chapel extension
Kamay ni Hesus 103 steps
Follow the directions when going up.
First Aid Station
Museo de las Manos de Jesus
Going up, people were instructed to climb one way (left or right side), walk the whole level, then climb the other way. It's less tiring, and made more sense because everyone's going in one direction.
Last Supper
View of the chapel from an elevation.
People from all ages came up, from small ones to elderly.
Jesus carrying the cross.
Mama Mary
You can do Stations of the Cross here as well.
The stairs were wide, but not uniform in size. Sometimes you have to step higher to reach the next one.
Almost there.
People came to pray, and of course, photograph themselves.
View from top of the hill.
💖  Jesus the Healer  💖
Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church
Straight stairs for going down.

Tiawe,, Lucban - Tayabas Rd, Lucban, Quezon
Tel: 042 540-2206

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