Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hinulugang Taktak

My mom and her siblings have always talked about their fond memories of Hinulugang Taktak. The famed falls in Antipolo, Rizal is even part of a popular folk song of sort. In the olden times, there were but few places people can hang out, and this was one of those. The local government have made tremendous renovations in the complex, especially the facilities. The last, big piece up for improvement would be the falls itself. The dark, murky, smelly water will be cleansed, filtered, or however else they plan to process the waters to turn into clean liquid. Settlers were known to be living above the area where the waters pass. As of visit, you can still clearly see foams of dirt (or soap perhaps), and other chemical-laden particles that mixed with the waters.
Fake Entrance gate. Walk a little further for the real one. Perhaps this will be opened when the developments are done.
No entrance fee, just register on the log book.
Park Regulations
Polished and landscaped. Walkway around the park as you descend to the level of the falls.
Huts with seats. Not sure if they charge for these, but very likely.
More huts across the stream.
One can smell the waters from here.
White foam and beige waters
Some construction materials on the side.
The water flows to the side.
Work still ongoing.
The falls, as seen from the other side.
Pool was covered in net.
Pool Regulations

Hinulugang Taktak
Taktak Road, Antipolo, Rizal

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