Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends

The Pet Cafe used to be the Velvet Friends Cat Cafe. These days, they've split the area for cats and dogs. A nice cafe welcomes guests, and separate zones for cats and dogs come with separate entry fees as well. Rates for 1 hour, with complimentary drink ranging from Php220 (iced tea), Php270 (milk shake), and Php290 (coffee). They will provide a lanyard ID for you to wear before entering the pet zones. Also, shoes off. Best to wear socks.
Located at 2nd level of Blue Wave complex, passersby can see the pets and guests from the corridor.
Quaint cafe.
Lovely seating areas.
Country feel between the fence and the pet zones.
White picket fence. Shoes were stored here before entering.
Lanyard for dog zone.
The Pet Cafe Menu
Division between the cats and dogs. Initial shock of the smell would overwhelm you, but you'll get used to it.
Cats on the other side.
Facing the Blue Wave open park.
My peeps. I spend almost an hour in the dog zone.
Dogs here were younger. Only few of them are more than a year old. Expect lots of naps, especially from the little ones.
Chubby corgi hehe.
Yep, the baby husky did the deed. Staff came cleaning up after.
First time I entered, 3 dogs came running to give me a sniff. They're all pretty friendly.
Past 4PM, some dogs started to nap.
Fat cats.
Cute corgi.
They loved the cafe staff lady when she came in.
Praying as he farted.

Around 5PM, the doggies got tired and started to sleep. Most guests decided to leave as well. We can't bother the sleeping dogs as they could get grumpy.

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends

2nd flr. Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, 
Met Park, Pasay City
Tel: 02 843-5608

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