Monday, August 28, 2017

Regina RICA: Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia

Regina RICA: Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia is a vast retreat facility, pilgrimage-inducing wilderness. Located somewhere secluded, follow Waze directions and you'll get there. There are also street signs but you may miss them. If commuting, call Regina RICA to ask for proper directions.
Upon gate entry, a steep road going down leads to the receiving area building.
Everyone was strongly encouraged to attend the orientation. Rules and instruction were also covered. Parking area was also next to this area.
Gift shop
Rosaries, candles, shirts, mugs, memorabilia, etc
Map of Regina RICA
The shuttle which goes to different spots in the facility to pick-up and drop-off guests. Tickets cost Php5 per person. Pay to the driver.
Since I'm with elderlies, we cannot walk under the scorching heat. We took the shuttle at all times. There were pilgrims who walked all over the area, going to the shrine, the resto, and other buildings.
Soon to rise - St. Joseph's Gift
Wide area for planting, and more developments.
Overlooking beautiful hills and valleys. View from Our Lady on top of the hill.
Candle-lighting area. Php20 per candle.
Our Lady on top of the hill. Everyone is required to attend a short orientation at lower level. Shoes off before climbing the stairs. The  adoration chapel was on the upper level. Donations encouraged. 
Shuttle ticket. Routes include Receiving Area building, Restaurant, Our Lady on top of the Hill, and another stop which I forgot. Php 5 per ride, doesn't matter which stop. The shuttle will go back and forth. Or you can ask the guard or any staff available to phone the driver to pick you up.
Regine RICA Restaurant Menu. It's vegetarian.
Nice, clean resto.
Peaceful. Perfect for meditation.
Turon: Php40
Fried Lumpia: Php100
Milo: Php25
Outdoor dining huts. 
I think you pay separately for the hut rental. Not sure how much.

Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
Tel: 02 401-2036

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