Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pililla Windmills

Pililla Windmills was still being developed during our visit. The Visitor Center was already functional. Nearby areas were concreted, but has yet to extend to a proper parking area. Getting there, we followed Waze. You can see the windmills from afar so you'll know you're on track. When you pass by Bulawan Floating Restaurant, you're not far from the intersection gate. Turn left to Manila East Road. You'll come across a bend with a gate on the left, like another fork intersection. There will be a sign going to the windmill. The guards will signal you to go ahead or could ask your purpose. Turn left and drive uphill.
The windmills are located in opposite hills. 
Windmill souvenirs sold by locals.
The Visitor Center was a good place to overlook the flatlands. Two windmills were also nearby.
Parking near the center was, at the time, not allowed. So I had to leave my folks in the car, and walk up the hill to reach the center and windmills.
The center also sold souvenirs, shirts, among others.
Handcrafted, wooden windmills, picture frames, etc
Seating area for guests.
View from the Visitor Center.
Awesome mills
Several windmills next to the center.
Thou shall not explore further down that road. The guard will stop you.
These were the first few windmills we saw while driving up.
Beautiful and eco-friendly.
Windmills on the opposite mountain.
To commute, start from Star Mall Edsa and ride the van going to Tanay. Get off the Tanay Intersection and ride a tricycle to the windmills. Could cost you about Php300 for the trike as it's steep and far, and no other way to return unless the trike waits for you.

Pililla Windmill Farm
Pililla, Rizal

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