Friday, August 4, 2017


Loumar's is a Filipino-fusion restaurant in Serin Mall, Tagaytay. Interiors were a bit elaborate, but warm nonetheless. The deep red couches, trellis, landscape wallpaper, and droplights consist of the restaurant's one area. The open dining area is filled with simple wooden tables and chairs.
Outside Loumar's, a staff will show the Menu to guests. Delicacies are displayed for passers-by.
Another red corner couch for large parties.
More enlarged food photos as wallpapers.
Loumar's Menu
Loumar's Menu
Loumar's Menu
Loumar's Menu
Pinaputok na Pla-pla: Php200
Guisadong Ampalaya: Php200
Sizzling Tilapia: Php230
Tawilis: Php200
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet: Php200
Kare-kare: Php345
Fried Chicken (half): Php275

  • One word - affordable. You can get full lunch with Php200 dishes for sharing!
  • Taste-wise, it's good. Nothing bad, or disappointing. 
  • Good place for large groups.

Serin Mall, Tagaytay
Tel: 0927 346 7133

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