Friday, August 18, 2017

Barkin' Blends

Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe is the first dog cafe I've visited. The cafe is separate from the dog petting area, like, at the opposite side of the building. First, go to the cafe to pay for your 2-hour Dog Zone ticket. They have lockers there for your shoes (you need to wear the slippers they provide, so best if you're with socks), sanitize, etc. At the Dog Zone, don't get shocked with the smell. It will hit you like a headache but you'll get used to it. Seems everyone does. Your ticket comes with 1 complimentary drink.
The dogs are lovely and fun! Most of them are a few years old already so they're more energetic, want less nap time, and actively participate in photo-ops.
Trainers can call them into formation so everyone can get individual or group photos. These retrievers are the bigger dogs always present in photos lol. The smaller ones don't always obey. But some will go with the group photos if they feel like it.
This is the building. Both at the 2nd floor, the cafe is on the left, while the Dog Zone to the right.
Cafe is Human Zone.
You can dine here. No smell, just a regular cafe.
It's pretty cozy. But everyone pretty much comes for the dogs.
Dog Zone - no ticket, no entry.
Lockers for your possessions.
People generally just chill with the dogs, petting, massaging them.
This is another open area with chairs. Some of the smaller dogs are here, sleeping or walking around.
Staff brought our complimentary drinks here (from the cafe). You can choose your beverage as you get your ticket.
When trainers bring out treats or toys, the dogs get excited.
They can get rough and jump around or bark. But they're harmless, and the trainers are always on stand by.
Hush puppy (Basset hound)
Corgi sleeping
They know where to drink.
Pack of Golden Retrievers

  • I love dogs so this was super worth-it for me! My pets were mostly askals, so it's exciting to bond with dogs with breed lol. 
  • Before leaving, they have lint rollers you can use.
  • Getting there, we took Grab. But do call them up so you can get directions if you plan to commute.
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Barkin Blends Dog Café

91 Rosa Alvero St., 
Loyola heights, Quezon City
Tel: 02 533-7290

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