Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Avilon Zoo

Avilon Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the country. It houses expanded areas for animals to roam. The regular Adult Rate is Php700, but get a pre-paid rate of Php400 if you buy online (credit card) thru the Special Offer page from their official site. We bought our tickets online on the day of visit. Parking is free, mind the potholes in the parking area as it's not concreted yet.
Best to bring water, while wearing a cap as you walk around the premises. Bring snacks, umbrella, or fan if you must. 
We followed Waze directions. When you cross this river, the zoo is only a few KM ahead.
Road going to Avilon Zoo.
Sign to the Parking area
Entrance of the Zoo
It was a regular day during our visit so the place was deserted, save for some small groups, and families.
First stop, have your tickets checked. It leads to the Dining Hall.
There were a lot of tables and chairs so you can comfortably hangout here or wait. It overlooks the pond and a bunch of greens.
Comfort Rooms were huge. There were other Toilets positioned all over the zoo.
The dining area comfort room
Modern commode with bidet
Beverage choices
Avilon Zoo restaurant Menu
Avilon Zoo restaurant Menu
Avilon Zoo restaurant Menu
Cup noodles
Avilon Zoo restaurant
Feed the large fishy for Php50
The restaurant was beautifully topped with roofing made of natural materials.
Mini kids' playground
Open space
Gift Shop
Parking, but mostly for zoo staff or VIP
I took a solo walk to this tiny road, which lead to the crocodiles.
Solo animal-watching in a zoo is not highly recommended. Could get creepy at times. The trees were relaxing, though.
Going to the crocs' lair.
The place was kept clean or orderly. You could spot some staff going around the area, fixing things, feeding animals, cleaning. Even when you're alone, there're probably people just around the bend, so don't sweat.
Cassowary Bird
There were definitely a lot of birds in all sizes, in different cages.
Trying to cover the whole zoo grounds is equivalent to a legit exercise.
Bleeding heart bird aawwwww.. Fascinating.
Yea, I took my time following them around.
Pesquet's Parrot
Saddest fox in the world. It looked like it was crying, and wouldn't move anymore :(
Grey Crowned Crane. Funniest bird ever! This fellow followed me from side to side. Very curious and responsive.
We had a lot of photos together lol.
More pathways
Hub areas where you can relax.
Algae-topped pond. A lone capybara lives here.
Bridge leading to more enclosures.
Petting area.
This animal was very friendly. But stinks real bad.
This white donkey-pony with great hair was honking non-stop.
The sheep family were a friendly bunch as well.
Friendly goat.
I skipped this one. It was dark, smelly, and depressing. Smaller nocturnal animals were housed here.
Like an organized jungle.
I feel for this Otter. It was alone, swimming back and forth, and running around. When my mom left, it stood up, looked super sad, staring at her as she walked away :(
This hippo kept giving me the eye.
There was a tiny gap (of deep trench with water) between us.
Swans or geese. I missed the name.
They huddle near the bridge.
New to the zoo - Black Bears
Super sad for the bears. This one depressingly looks thru the small gate, waiting for food or companion. It didn't care about attention from visitors.
Beautiful tiger. Well-fed, looks awesome.
Pair of lions
There were far more animals that I've posted. Avilon Zoo is well worth a day's visit.

9003 GP Sitio GulodSan Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal
Tel: (02) 948 3986 / (02) 948 9866

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