Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sebay Surf Central

Sebay Surf Central in San Juan, La Union is one of the affordable accommodations in the area. The famed San Juan strip is lined with resorts with their own restaurants or bars, and surf schools. Sebay was also the only one with available room at short notice. We were looking for a complete hotel set-up resort with proper rooms, en-suite bathroom, tv, a/c, wifi, and the likes. Some cheaper resorts have common restrooms and no aircon.
Tell your bus conductor to drop you off at Sebay. They know the place. From the national road, the large parking area of Sebay is the first on sight. Lobby area has this semi-spiral stairs.
Pool tables, free use for guests
Receiving area is open 24/7. We arrived 5AM, departed 10PM from Manila. Long, 7hr, cold ride.
Public restroom of the resort. I ended up using this at first because our en-suite bathroom in the room had some problems.
Clean enough, sometimes the water supply was problematic.
Seating area
Sebay Surf Central Massage Services Price Rates
Parking area
This would be the extra room reserved for us (facing the parking area). It's the only one located on this side. All the other rooms were near or facing the beach. 
Not too bad, really. The other room is the owner's office.
Ava Room: Php2000 per night (Peak Season).
It has TV, aircon, 2 double beds, blankets, en-suite bathroom.
At first, the door was non-existent, so I chose to use the Public Restroom. Quite tacky to hang this transparent, tiny curtain in exchange for privacy. It didn't even extend to cover the whole doorway.
Bathroom was decent. Good water supply. No hot water.
After a long chat with the receptionist and their manager, (we requested to be transferred to a room with bathroom door), they finally decided to get the door from the office next door and transfer it to our room, lol! 
Finally! Not because you came in with a close friend or even spouse, means that you'd enjoy seeing each other pee and do your thing. Ugh!
Sebay Resort main hut. Bigger rooms are located at the second floor. To the right, there's a small road leading to the beach, restaurant, and other rooms.
Walkway going to the beach
The compound grounds were well maintained. Staff and utility were always on sight.
Walkway to the beach. Rooms in hut decor line the path.
Accommodations near the beach

Room for big groups.
Sebay Restaurant opens around 8AM. We were told it opens 7AM, but this was what we came to. We asked the staff by the counter, and he grumpily told us they're still closed. Ok then.. We headed to the resort next door and had our breakfasts and lunches there. Much better food.
The restaurant was pretty nice when opened. We dined here once for dinner. Food was ok. We just liked Coast Call at San Juan Surf Resort better in terms of food taste and interiors.
A band plays during night time while guests eat.
Pork Sinigang
View from the restaurant
Sebay surf school
The boards are not the standard, thick type, according to the instructor. So they encourage guests to pay for surf lessons Php400/hour, instead of renting the board on your own (cheaper). The instructors will make sure the boards do not split or get damaged.
Table tennis by the beach
Nice, black sands
Clean beach

Sebay Surf Central
National Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo
San Juan, La Union
Tel No.: 072 682 8482
Globe: +639176401118
Smart: +639989785843

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