Lucky Thai Massage

Lucky THAI Massage in Bocobo Street, Malate is located at the 2nd floor (above BDO), across Manila Manor Hotel, few meters from Robinsons Mall. There used to be another massage next to it, but it's closed now. Price-wise, this would be one of the more reasonably-priced spas in the area. Considering it's foreigner-infested, most spas hike up their rates while offering the same service. Lucky Massage has good ambiance, clean facilities, and good masseuses.
Receiving area is simple but clean.
Lucky Thai Massage Price Rates

The rooms can be accessed through a hallway of individual stalls, mostly for body massages.
1-hour Foot Massage: Php300
Chairs for foot services are in a common area.
Body massages have floor beds and curtain separators.
Modern, subtle Thai interiors
Complimentary hot tea after service

2nd floor, Altra CenterBocobo St, Malate, Manila
Tel: 0917 478 5012
Hours: 1PM to 1AM


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