Monday, February 6, 2017

Hotel 99

Hotel 99 is one of the thriving small hotels in the Cubao area. In the same street are Sogo Hotel, and Spring Hotel, both offering short time rates as well. Weekends are extra busy for these three, so keep that in mind or you'll likely spend an hour waiting, along with several other couples.
As you enter, the lobby was clean and timely decorated. No lines, no waiting couples. Not sure if this was normal for them, when other next door hotels were brimming with patrons.
Checkin-in was swift. Check-in was not so much. They had to thoroughly check the room for damages before you can leave.
Weekend rate for this room was around Php400+ for 3-hours. They have options for 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 hours, I reckon. And the 24 hour rate of Php1200+.
Tiny, standard room. It comes with a table and chair for dining, as well as vanity counter.
Bathroom smelled, not quite sure what of. Like an air freshener masking something else.
Bed was improbably sanitized, as you should treat most hotels. Do bring your own stuff if you must.
Hotel 99 Room Service Menu
Hotel 99 Room Service Menu
Beef Caldereta: Php159
Mushroom Soup: Php69

  • On a low note, Hotel 99 could be pretty strict upon check-out. They make sure to check the room you used to see if you broke or left something. Which is a standard hotel procedure, of course. 
  • But since most of their guests are couples on the sly, several guests were annoyed by this. Suddenly, couples were in a hurry to leave but had to detain at the lobby, waiting for the front desk's confirmation that they can go. Quite awkward.
  • Food was acceptable.
#8 Pinatubo Corner Matulin St.
Cubao, Quezon City

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