Sunday, January 29, 2017

Maasin Zoo

Maasin Zoo is one of the attractions you can visit in Southern Leyte. Located on top of the mountain, you can either take the zoo shuttle from Gaisano terminal for Php50 (minimum 4 pax), or take a tricycle to the crossing/intersection of Garces corner Kangleon streets, where habal-habals  or motorcycles are parked. You can rent one for Php40 per person, but they will charge you double if you're alone.
The ride was breezy, and sometimes steep, with lots of curves. Phone signals come and go. Good thing the road was in perfect condition.
This is the entry gate of the zoo. But you must enter through the receiving area and pay for ticket. The habal-habal actually waited for me. I only took less than an hour in the zoo. Round trip ride was supposedly Php80 per way, but he agreed to Php150 back and forth, including waiting time. 
Facility comfort room. Water was scarce, though.
Each visitor, or group of visitors get a tour guide. This lovely lady toured me around the area. She's well trained, packed with detailed stories about each animal, their histories and characteristics. And speaks in English, too. Definitely a plus if you're with foreign friends.
You can feed the camel with their fave plant. Just tell your guide and she will provide you with chow. No extra fee. Make sure to let go as soon as the camel's mouth grabbed it. Don't play pull with them. I fed the camels again before I left the zoo.
This was formerly a mini pond of sort. Drought has caused this.
This majestic looking tiger, obviously irritated by being caged. The tiger roams endlessly inside, round and round and round.
Poor thing.
Steel bridge for crossing over the crocodile pond.
The crocs were everywhere, calm and still.
I saw one under the bridge. This one's near the fence.
Python snake
The lion looked a bit thin. And sad, of course. Also repeatedly circling inside his cage.
The complex was kept clean nonetheless.
Monkey donated by the congressman
Gracious peacock. Lively colors.
Hornbill bird
Path walk around the birds' cages.
White parrot
Albino peacock
During my visit, I was the only guest. There was supposedly a field trip for students that day which cancelled, according to staff. 

  • No eating during your visit, but you can take a bottled water. 
  • Photography's allowed, no flash. 
  • Do listen to the guide about animal warnings. Some monkeys were known to snatch items they can reach. Another will try to shock you by a sudden rattle in their cage. Quite interesting, actually.
  • For feeding the camels, just wave the plant. When they see it, they will immediately make their way to you. No need for whistling or calling.
Adult: Php150 
Students, Senior Citizens: Php100
Children: Php50
*With shuttle service: Add Php50 each

Maasin Zoo
Sitio Danao, Maasin City
Southern Leyte
Tel: +63 910 142 8297
Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM

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