Thursday, January 19, 2017

Farfalla, Hotel Durban

I've heard awesome reviews about Farfalla, the in-house restaurant of Hotel Durban in Makati. We decided to try their food and expected nothing less. Parking was challenging. You're allowed to parallel park right outside the hotel. Luckily, there was an available slot for us. I'm not sure whether they have their own parking area or do valet service.
It was deserted when we arrived. Fair enough, as it's way past lunch.
The place looks modern artistic. The transparent chairs add space, thin stone tables, and white walls help emphasize the artworks inside.
Interesting black farm animal pieces- horse, and piggy.

Ceramics on display
Each table gets a wine bottle, in case you need wine.
Wine from Chile
Our server offered to grind pepper for us.
Serving size is definitely for sharing.
Earl Grey Tea: Php80
Pappardelle Tartufate (Wide pasta with porcini & truffle cream): Php400
Filetto al pepe verde (Filet with green peppercorn, brandy & cream): Php500
Cannoli: Php150

  • First off, their prices are way cheaper than most. Considering the location, and quantity, Farfalla surely serves up more than your money's worth.
  • I soooo love their truffle mushroom pasta! For only Php400, such a steal! A thick steak for only Php500 is also priced generously. 
  • I wasn't impressed with the cannoli though.
Hotel Durban, 4875 Durban St. Cor. Makati Avenue
Tel: (02) 895 4838

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