Saturday, January 7, 2017

Claiming a Package at PhilPost

If you order online from Aliexpress, or an international store located outside the Philippines, and you didn't choose an Air Courier like DHL, UPS, or FEDEX, or even LBC perhaps, then you'll have to claim your package at the Philippine Post Office yourself. Although in provinces, their local postman will bring the package to them and collect the payment of Php112. You do need to pay Php112 per package, provided the total amount you bought does not exceed Php10,000. Else they compute additional fees for you.
Anyway, if you're asked to claim at the Main Post Office (in Lawton Manila), head on to Window W-124 for Parcels, located at the lower floor.
Guards will check your things as you enter at the front. Just inform them that you're picking a package and show your Claim slip.
Comfort Rooms for male and female
Walk along this corridor until you locate W-124 for Parcels
Staff are quite friendly. Just be quick when they call, and if you're asking something, don't take too much of their time. They're very busy.
Since I ordered from different suppliers in Aliexpress (my bad), I had to pay for each big and tiny package Php112 each! Next time, best to buy from 1 store only, with less than Php10,000 total.

  • Large boxes may be opened. Electronics may also be pried.
  • You also need to bring a copy of the online receipt of your purchase. I showed the receipt in my phone and the PhilPost staff requested that I print the receipt next time. We were scrolling up and down my tiny phone looking for the price items and it was, admittedly, quite dizzying.
  • All in all, it wasn't such a bad experience. Our postman said Mondays and Fridays may be crowded so try to claim in the mornings or late afternoon (like 3PM). Their closing time is 4PM.

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  1. My parcel is more than 10k. Around 15k. Ali to ph. How much is the claim cost? Thank you


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