Thursday, January 5, 2017

Aaron's Hair Salon

Aaron's Hair Salon in Alphaland Makati Place is the 3rd branch of this Korean salon. I got a discount voucher from Metrodeal for a Hair Rebond Php1500 service fee, which was worth Php7000 (according to Metrodeal), so it was a really huge deal. In reality, Rebonding for medium length hair would cost you Php3000 in Aaron Hair Salon. But that's still 50% discount, and I was really happy with their service! So all in all, a thumbs up experience.
The salon was nice, clean, and bright. The red couches were lovely. There were only 3 staff at the time of visit. One stylist, and 2 assistants. One of the owners or manager, who is Korean, came later in the afternoon. She was also nice.
They offered us tea, or coffee. Their 'hair washing' station was really comfy. I got used to cheaper salons like Index which uses sturdy black basins. You had to lift your head most times so the staff can wash all of your hair. Here at Aaron's, you just lie your head down and relax. The basin includes a neck rest which fits just right, and all your glorious hair gets washed.
Aaron's Hair Salon Price List

  • We actually loved this salon. I wasn't used to high-end salons, but perhaps it's time to change that. It does equal better service, and somewhat higher assurance of proper safety and hygiene.
  • Comfort Room is close to their location. Just outside the salon to your left is the mall's toilet. It was impeccably clean and modern.
  • The hair cream they used for Rebonding didn't sting at all. Unlike the ones in Index. Not that I mind the stinging (in other salons), but it's a pleasant surprise to actually have a better experience with rebonding. Plus it was only 3 hours, compared to 4-5 hours in others.
  • It is best to call their branch first to schedule your service. They only acknowledge one (1) Metrodeal voucher per day. But they can accommodate other services, provided you can wait your turn when there's only one stylist available.

2F Alphaland Makati Place
Ayala Ave. Ext
Tel: 0915-628-9838 / 0915-777-9261
Hours: 10AM to 8PM

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