Monday, December 19, 2016

Sogo Hotel

Sogo Hotel Update: Good news! They've renovated their rooms! Hopefully in all of their branches. Looking very similar to Eurotel, Sogo now has decent looking rooms, even the "short time" ones. Clean and new, out are the gross looking with dirt stain sheets. Perhaps also taking a cue from Victoria Court, their rooms are now somewhat themed, with nice accent lighting.
 Regular Rates for Sogo Hotel. You can ask for the Promo Rates, and 3-hour rates, as they're not listed.
Rates vary per branch. This one features a 2-hour rate. They also have Promo Rates, ask for those.
Cushioned wall bordering the bed.
Double doors. Mobile table and closet neatly tucked at the side.
Climbing flower vines, why not.
With better tiles for the bathroom. 
Flat screen TV, vanity.
Bidet and water heater. Also, rolled toilet papers are out. A built-in tissue dispenser is installed.
Menu and food are same. Affordable and tasty.


Sogo Hotel will always be the go-to hotel for "short time" or "hourly rate" for couples, legit and clandestine alike. But like Eurotel,  Sogo has been smoothing out its edgy reputation and expending its prospects to families, groupies, and event parties. I noticed though, there's a distinct floor for "short time rates", and probably equipped with the amenities perfect for your activities.
Sogo Hotel lobbies, in most branches have the air of the orient touch.
Waiting area in wenge
This was one branch being renovated at the time of visit. It's probably fully done now. Upper floors are for overnight occupants, similar to hotel hours 2PM check-in and 12noon check-out. Bottom floors for hourly rates.
This room used to have double doors, for extreme privacy. This time, the 2nd door has been removed as the hotel quietly transitions into a more family-friendly one.
Signs of times: TV remote attached to the bed, so it won't get lost perhaps.
Tiny room, thin walls, you can basically hear the next room. Just turn your TV up like everyone does.
Complimentary use of towel, soap, and slippers. Really hope they sanitize these for real, not just slap plastics on them to look clean. Anyway, you can always bring your own.
Banded slippers, looks unused. Best to bring your own.
Bathroom is basic. It has bidet, which is better than other 5-star accommodations without it (like Marriott Cebu :( pls install bidet next to bowl now). Water is good, heater works. Check for cams, none.
Sogo Hotel Room Service Menu
Sogo Hotel Room Service Menu
Sogo Hotel Room Service Menu
Sogo Hotel Room Service Menu
Sogo Hotel Room Service Menu
Free meal! Bulalo, Rice, Dessert (leche flan)
Lechon Kawali: Php175
Pinakbet: Php130
Toasted Bread with butter: Php50
Iced Tea: Php25
Mango Juice: Php25

  • What can I say? Sogo Hotel actually excels in offering a service not common to other hotels. The short-time business is a life saver to most. We always think people only shack up here, but most clients need hourly rate to pass time while waiting for flights, ferries, storming bad weather, or those coming from provinces to attend conferences. Sogo gives us an option to stay in a warm, full-service hotel, and just bill us for the hours we need. #goodguysogo
  • Food price is very affordable, taste is good too.
  • I reckon, they have 4hrs, 6hrs, 9hrs, 12hrs, and 24hrs (standard hotel time). If you call by phone, they won't give you rates for this, you have to personally ask. That is because the vacant rooms vary. You can come at any hour and get, say, a 4hr rate, if there's room available.
  • Even with the hourly option, the rates would vary per room. Like, if they give you a Standard Room, the Deluxe Room could have higher rate for the same hours. 
  • Also, room rates depend on the location. Those not located in central areas or along a main road have much lower rates. *quick, google those
  • In one branch, you pay around Php900+ for 12hrs with complimentary lunch- Bulalo, rice, dessert. Not bad. That was only a promo, I guess, and if you arrive before lunch. Otherwise, you get a complimentary afternoon snack. Not sure about free dinner, though.
  • There was also a 4-hour rate around Php600+.
  • Lastly, if you need a room asap, Sogo is good. Don't shy from it.

Sogo Hotel

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