Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant

Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant in Matalom, Leyte is popular amongst balikbayans, tourists, and locals alike. They serve freshly caught seafood and Filipino dishes in a unique setting. The series of floating bamboo on stilts over a mangrove, surrounded with trees, and the open ocean at far end prove very attractive to guests. We noticed a lot of groups, but couples are also welcome. Try not to come if you're uber hungry as service takes time.
From Maasin, we took a van which passes by Matalom and asked the driver to drop us off Pagatpat. You can also take ta bus or jeep, whichever fancies you,
From the road, you get to walk about 30 meters to the open parking area of Pagatpat.
Parking space is ample. A little receiving area is where you can take your order. Most of their staff huddle here and you can see the Menu and take your pick before getting a seat. They will give you a table number after ordering.
Across the receiving area is a residential unit of sort. There's a comfort room at the right side of it, which guests use.
They also sell local delicacies and ice cream.
The whole area is very oriental and homey.
Bamboos are utilized well here.
You can take your pick wherever you want to sit, waiters will find your table number when they have your order ready.
Long table for groups.
The ambiance is nice and friendly. Although it was a regular weekend, the place was busy, but not packed.
Waiters don a traditional version of local attire.
This part can be rented privately and they probably charge a separate fee for dining on a float (not on stilts). It was off-limits when we visited as there were occupants. It's at the very end of the bamboo bridge and faces the open sea.
Love the trees, and plants surrounding every hut. The water's clear, the wind is fresh and clean. There were some boats anchored in random places in the mangrove.
Each table gets basic condiments, toothpicks, and tissues.
Sweet Chili Crabs: Php250
Tortang Talong: Php120
Mango Shake: Php60
Rice: Php15
Pepsi 8oz: Php12
Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant Menu
Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant Menu
Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant Menu
Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant Menu

Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant
Sta. Fe, Matalom, Leyte
Tel: 0906 616 5929
Hours: 10AM to 10PM daily

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