Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Molopolo Fish and Bird Sanctuary

Molopolo Fish and Bird Sanctuary is simple ode to Mother Nature's beauty. Located at the town of Macrohon in Southern Leyte, the sanctuary has thrived by developing the facilities and upkeep of the place. It was late afternoon when we arrived, the place was deserted. We bought some bread from a nearby sari-sari store so we could throw crumbs to the fishes. Entry Fee Adult: Php20, Child: Php10
The sign is road side. From here, you can see the manmade bamboo bridge and stilts.
Vision and Mission of the Molopolo-Sta. Cruz Marine Park project
Fish Sanctuary Park Rules
This is a viewing deck so can spot the beautiful birds, and see the vastness of the mangrove.
Beach is open for swimmers or snorkelers. Cottages: Php200/day
These boats cater to snorkelers or scuba divers who wish to explore the sanctuary underwater. 
Snorkeling package: Php150/person, including snorkeling gears plus boat ride that would take you to the corals, past the mangrove area.
If the tide is too low, caretakers may ask you to walk past the mangrove yourselves to reach the snorkeling point, as boats can't take you there.
This long, cool bridge leads to the fish sanctuary stilts.
You can sit or stand as you throw crumbs of bread or crackers to the fishes.
Unfortunately, water wasn't too clear when we came because rain just stopped that day.
The bread crumbs we threw got snatched pretty quickly by these fast moving fishes! It was so cool eventhough we couldn't see them clearly. Only the water rustling and splashes gave us a clue how big and how many the fishes were.
Aim for a sunny day to fully enjoy your fish feeding trip.
We ran out of crumbs and the marine park about to close anyway so we had to leave.
Next time, we might even try to snorkel. 

Molopolo Fish and Bird Sanctuary
Macrohon, Southern Leyte

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