Wednesday, November 2, 2016

J Cuppacakes

You really come here for the decor. J Cuppacakes is fairy tale come to life! The sweet babydoll interiors may be sickly sweet for others, but most people smile wide as they come in. Think flowers, pink, princesses, cakes, sugar and spice. They have their own comfort room, so it's convenient. Staff were very nice, always quick to serve water as their cupcakes can be sweet. They do cater, and also offer hot meals, breakfasts, pasta, sandwiches, drinks.
Outside, curiosity will drag you in. You can't help but checkout their cupcake display.
Classic mouldings in white always look fresh and pretty.
Stairs lead to the mezzanine floor, where another dining area awaits.
The seat couches were not as plump and soft, but you can get comfortable.
Table setting includes a flower pot and their extensive menu.
Salted Caramel: Php75
Bunny Carrot: Php75
Cookie Butter: Php85
Curious George meets Nutella: Php85
Cookies & Cream: Php75
Forgot the name of this
Complimentary blue balls  - they gave us these extra munchies after we finished eating.

Ground floor SM Jazz Residences 

Jupiter St, Makati
Hours: 10AM - 10PM

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