Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon is a happy place! Their yellow theme is contagious and will instantly brighten your day. They became popular for their Rock Salt and Cheese Coco drink. I've been to several of their branches, but their Davao branch is one of the biggest and nicest. It's a large enough cafe, not just a stall or kiosk. Seats are couched and there's even outdoor dining.
Happy Lemon is an international franchise which has branches all over China, Taiwan, USA, London, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and more.
Comfy couch seats and sunlight beaming from one end to the other.
I've been a Happy Lemon customer for a long time, but I still always order Regular Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese, chilled no ice, extra cheese. I'm a sucker for anything cheese so this truly floats my boat.
Cocoa Rock Salted Cheese: Php80 + P20 extra puff
I'm too loyal to even try other variants lol.

Ground Floor, Entertainment Mall,Mall of Asia Complex 
Tel: (02) 555-1328

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