Thursday, November 10, 2016

2Go Fast Craft

2Go Fast Crafts have serviced millions of passengers crossing all over Visayas, predominantly the port of Cebu. I was able to try their service a few times coming from Ormoc to Cebu, and vice versa. The ride was approximately 2-hours, except one time when one of the engines failed. The ferry slowed down significantly as on-board maintenance repaired it. We had about 3-hr travel time then. You can buy your tickets at any Ticketing Agency or online. Some agencies have top-up service charge from Php50-100 so be mindful of that. Best to get a slot 2-3days in advance, instead of getting your ticket the same day of departure.
2Go terminals are basically ok. In Cebu, there's baggage x-ray which is convenient. They have also have a Departure Area similar to airport. There are food stalls here, souvenir shops, comfort room, TV, and A/C.
Inside the craft, equipments seem maintained and cleaned. There's ample space to bring your luggage with you in front of your seat (as long as it's not massive). You can also buy food from their snack bar if available, or from the roaming cart catered by staff. The carts pass each aisle. They have sandwiches, drinks, noodles, and more, like in airplanes.

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