Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tierra Alta

Tierra Alta had a lot of my friends asking where the hell am I. The clubhouse has not peaked in popularity yet. Although it only has these Greek-inspired gorgeousness to show, there's also a newly operational cafe overlooking the hills, a zipline, and a pool. Plus you need a vehicle to arrive. Located on the hills of Valencia, we decided to checkout this beautiful development happening quietly, only heard by the rich. It's now a 3-phase subdivision for the wealthy. The gates are open and everyone who can come is welcome. 
The rule is you can look but you can't touch (your cam). If you want to take photos that would be 'sightseeing' which costs Php50. The Non-members Consumable rate of Php200 can be used in their Cafe, plus you can take photos anywhere. But if you use the pool and pay Php500, you have a consumable Php200 worth of light meals or snacks which you can eat by the pool. No dripping inside the resto.
Nature and modern amenities have never collaborated more than in Tierra Alta. Even the clouds seemed orchestrated. The pine trees, street lamps, and bushy plants on large pots provide a ceremonial walkway for joyous guests.
For Php50 entry fee, we totally made it worth every sweat. The scorching heat was rebonding my bangs already so try to run to a nearby tree every time. Take an umbrella if you must.
Pool would be perfect at night. All of this would actually be perfect around 5PM when the sun is turning down.
Even though lighthouses belong on the coast, nobody wondered enough of its purpose here. Why is Parthenon on top of a hill? Perhaps the answer is similar for Tierra Alta, or not.
There were some people swimming when we got there. There's a newly opened hotel as well. No idea about the rates but of course it will be as expensive as expected.
It's easy to have a lovely dip by the pool this beautiful. Great planning and architecture. Having a vast place to design is not easy, especially determining where to start.
A bonfire place is also available at night for toasting marshmallows, or just cozying up with a hot beverage.
Perfect place for photoshoots. Although I think they have a different rate for professional use.
The cafe would be on the 2nd floor, I think. There's a public comfort room at the ground floor for guests.
Ring the lighthouse bell
Entrance to Tierra Alta, drop off. You can park here, no parking fee yet. There's a guard who will ask you of your purpose whether you plan to dine, swim, or sightsee. Then you can log your name (and all your companions') to their records. And then pay the guard as well, or whoever's by the counter.

Tierra Alta
Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental
Tel: (035) 536 0096

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