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The Lake Hotel

The Lake Hotel is located along Tagaytay main road, overlooking the Taal Lake and volcano. I will say upfront, this is not a gushing review. I was a bit disappointed by the reality of the place, compared to its online splendour. Don't get me wrong, it was built beyond standard, the materials and interiors were modern. Staff were trained well, but some level of coldness was evident. Probably just the rain, or our surprising room.
I guess when you started disappointed, it can only go downhill from there. We found ourselves hating on the experience. Instead of totally chillin' in the hotel for a whole day and just ordering room service (that was our plan), we went to Serin instead, and got back really late.
It's probably difficult working in a hotel. You never really know what ticks a customer, and why they would suddenly full-on be disgusted. It's not anybody's fault. Perhaps a mildly wrong advertising on their part.
As you descent, you are welcomed by the green grass ahead, and foggy view. When it clears, you can vividly see the volcano and lake.
The small dining room/restaurant is to the right, while the front desk to the left. The corridor leads to rooms.
Seating area in front of the concierge. Cash deposit of Php3000 is required upon check-in. Will be refunded upon check-out, provided you didn't wreck anything.
2 sofas by the pool. Some guests put their towels, bags, and slippers here as they swim. It was raining so the pool lounge chairs in the garden were wet. These were also the only lobby chairs.
Next to the pool is another stair leading below to the Executive dining area or something. Open for events and only when there are too many guests. It extends under the garden and offers an overlooking view of the lake.
It really looks perfect in photos. Probably why I came expecting too much. My bad.
Pool would probably fit nicely by the ridge (like a real infinity pool), so the lobby can occupy a bigger space, thus allowing a separation between guests using the pool, and guests checking-in. The whole Executive area could just be the main restaurant, not just for special occasions, so everyone can enjoy the view even when it's raining. Anyway, that was just my take.
Some dining tables are placed outside because even with few guests, there are fewer tables and chairs inside.
Pool looks kinda infinite from this angle, if not for the garden.
Breakfast was another disaster. Tiny place was full so we had to dine outside. Normally it wouldn't faze us, but because we hate everything now, we don't like dining outside either lols. Props for the heavy sliding door I had to push with my legs as I carry 2 plates at a time. Because going back and forth to the buffet from outside was not my dream. And no, staff did not help with the door. They're all over the place, but each time I was by the door, nobody ever was. #lucky
Outdoor tables can be seen as soon as you walk down the stairs. Watch me eat.
Buffet spread was great. Here's the dimsum portion
Cakes and spreads
Fruits, cereals, milk
Salad bar, wraps
Plain and fried rice, plus about 4-5 viands which includes bacon, adobo chicken & pork, steamed fish, roast beef & mashed potato. And a soup.
Pancakes, french toasts
My humble plate. I did go back the buffet several times.
We got their 40% off promo so this Standard Room was Php3800 with breakfast for 2.
We hated the stupid dungeon window. According to their website, Standard Rooms, which typically cost Php5800/night (including taxes & fee), have views of a pocket garden, partial lake, or given a small window. This must be the small window. Maybe because we had 40% off lol, we got their least favoured room. Bitterness aside, we honestly did not expect this. There was a perfectly sized window in the Standard Room photo of their website. Must not trust official site photos.
Room was modern, similar to Go Hotel chains. Not like we could frolic on the garden stretch and lounge on chairs. It was raining. So guests were all contained inside their rooms. The lobby was no fun either.
Hangers, iron, and safe box in the closet
Wall TV
Mini Bar menu. There were 2 complimentary bottled water.
Vanity desk with chair
Thermos, cups, coffee sachets and tea bags
Bathroom was roomy, shower enclosure was nice, with floor mat provided.
Bidet was great. Toothbrush glasses, bath and face towels provided.
Complimentary hygiene kits
The Lake Hotel Room Service Menu
The Lake Hotel Room Service Menu

  • Everyone knows people stay on this side of the road because the hotel is overlooking the view. The regular price of Php5800/night with no-view is a lot of money for a modern dungeon. A decent view of anything would've been sufficient. Their room descriptions were riding on technicality.
  • Staff were nice and friendly, but lacks warmth and sincerity (yes we're biased). We asked the bellboy if there were many guests, he said there's very few. When we were in Bangkok, we got upgraded to a better room simply because the hotel wasn't full (just a thought). 
  • I cannot recommend this hotel only because we didn't enjoy ourselves. It was foggy, Taal volcano never exactly showed itself the whole time. So we probably paid for the food and bed. Dang good buffet. Still, we could've done that in other Tagaytay hotels for much cheaper. Get the Deluxe room or the other expensive ones to not regret your stay at The Lake Hotel.
  • WiFi works great. There's no phone signal in our room underground.
  • All just my opinion. Go hate somewhere else.

Km. 58, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay 
Tel Numbers: +632-584-4470, +63-917-593 9431

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