Monday, October 17, 2016

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden in The District Imus has a large dining area. One end exits inside the mall, while the other faces outside. The large glass walls provide ample lights. It has modern furnishing, long wooden tables and couch seats, black ceiling, bright white walls and strategized lighting.
Each guest seem to have a dedicated Menu, along with the utensils in place.
Restaurant marketing is a tough business. There weren't a lot of people when we came. It's probably full during weekends and peak hours.
Brown Rice Green Tea: Php68
Spinach Namul: Php68
Beef Bulgogi Bap: Php278
Beef Bulgogi - Seogogi Ssamgyeopsal: Php348


The District Imus,
Daang Hari Rd. cr Aguinaldo Highway
Tel: (046) 543-0627

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