Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sans Rival

Sans Rival is one of Dumaguete's proud exports. Their silvanas have become synonymous with Dumaguete and currently being sold in the country's select cities. And for good reason. This marvel of oval goodness piped with special filling is cool, subtly sweet yet nutty, resulting in an unexplainable flavour that leaves you wanting more. The old Sans Rival was a few blocks from their current abode, but this new location is very aristocrat and classic, just like the heart of their dishes.
Sans Rival can be found along the famed Dumaguete Boulevard, graciously facing the ocean. You can dine outside to enjoy the breeze.
Inside, the old converted mansion had retained its heritage style, accented with Sans Rival's signature blue hue.
It's a regular night and the place is practically packed. Our lawyer even recommended this to us.
Blue, white, and silver always give that soft frosted appeal. Interiors are clean and organized.
Salad Caesar: Php150
Herb-crusted Fish Fillet: Php18
Silvanas Butter: Php15 each
Hot tea: Php55

  • Taste-wise, flavours were good.
  • At first, staff ignored us. Place was full so we understood. After some disappointing looks from my companions, staff remained nice and were actually there when we called. So it was all good.
  • Would definitely like to try other items on their menu when we come back.
Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries
San Jose St, Dumaguete

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