Monday, October 31, 2016

Raclette Manila

 Raclette Manila is a pop-up store (for now) located inside Rockwell Mall. They extended their run until November. Raclette shares the space with other stores like Lokanta, Ice cream shop, spice shop, handmade soaps store, and other handcrafts. The space is not ideal. It's quite cramped, there were limited seats. Good thing Raclette's dishes are take-away ready. It's just across Starbucks. You might be bit confused at first glance because you'll see clothes and some trinkets, but see further in and you'll find tables and food kiosks.
 Raclette counter shared with Lokanta
 Dining area. I was wandering around the other pop-up stores due to lack of vacant table. After a few minutes, the staff from Raclette fetched me and told me that my order is ready for scraping yey!
 Raclette Charcuterie (small): Php225
Melted Swiss Raclette Cheese, Roasted Potatoes, Prosciutto di Parma, Arugula Salad, Cornichons (pickled cucumber), Sliced Baguette 
Wagyu Cubes were not available at the time (around 11AM). According to staff, in the afternoon it will probably be ready. Traditionally, raclette is like a 'dip' for meat, greens, potatoes, bread, in a form of melted cheese. All the incorporated food counteracts the saltiness or strong taste of raclette. 

  • Unfortunately, there was an unbalanced quantity of portions. The first one to go was the baguette. There was only 1 slice. Next was the pickled cucumbers (3 tiny, slim, half slices), which was an awesome pairing with the cheese and prosciutto. Then the arugula and the prosciutto were gone. 
  • The large chunk of food covered with cheese are actually just potatoes. In the end, it's the strong raclette taste paired with spiced potatoes. Took me a real looooooong time to finish it.
  • First few bites were great. I get a little bit everything and the fusion of different flavors balance each other out. 
  • When the lack of bread, ham, arugula, cornichons came, it was hard to eat. I had to take it home and whip out a jar of minced pickles, got some pandesal lol, just so I could finish it. I had no prosciutto or arugula at home so no alternative for those.
Raclette Manila
Pop by Retail Lab G/F Archeology
Power Plant Mall

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