Saturday, October 29, 2016

Morgana Beach Resort

Morgana Beach Resort in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte is perhaps the most serene beach I've been to. The shoreline is long and wide. Brown sand were soft and plump, and will slowly sink as you step on. You can see the islands of San Pedro and San Pablo from the beach. The dark greenery on surrounding hills was rich. 
Wind was down, the sea was super calm. You'd think that nobody else lives here. But once in a while a local will stroll past, just enjoying the view, or having a quick swim.
This dog walked along the shore.
Beach huts were elevated from the shoreline.
Coming into Morgana Beach, we had to pass thru a narrow dirt road. Fortunately, our guide was familiar with the place. There were also other resorts next to this, but Morgana's had a welcoming open gate, unlike others.
Toilet and shower area
This large structure, made to look like a ship's bow. The place must be owned by a seafarer.
A small sari-sari store. You can get candies or softdrinks here.
Hut for rent
I think there's accommodation in the resort these days. Not sure how much per night though.
Parking is ample, their open area is huge.
We rented one of these huts by the beach, and had lunch here. Water's not crystal clear because of the brownish sand. But it's free of seaweeds and algae.
We only stayed for a few hours. Only 3 of us tested the beach and swam to our hearts' contents. I've always wanted to come back because it's hard to find a perfectly sandy beach. Most beaches have corals and rocks. Here it's like a descending pool. You can swim barefoot.

I don't remember how much we paid for the parking, entrance fees, and hut rental. Please contact the resort for details.

Tahusan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte
Tel: 0920 400 4617 / 09472462349

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