Monday, September 5, 2016

Miracle Art

Miracle Art is a cheapo way to experience posing on front of large 3D walls and get yourself photographed like you're part of the art. We paid Php80 even though the tickets say Php300. This would be their Market! Market! branch in Taguig. Different locations ask for different fees. Cavite could go as low as Php50 each, Subic Php90, while Circuit Makati was Php200 when we called. I don't know whether they have same 3D murals or some have more than others.
Take the fountain entrance (McDonald's) of the mall, the museum is on the 2nd floor. It's not particularly big, but consists of about 2 connected rooms filled with wall arts.
Staff were bit insistent that it's ok with us to share the spot with scheduled field trippers. Even asked us if we would mind coming back at a later time or other day if we can. We said it was fine and not a problem. Turns out it could become a problem. Once inside, it will be tight and hectic as everyone tries to pose and get their selfies with the drawings. You will fall in line per image just to get your turn. Fortunately, the said group cancelled so we got the whole place to ourselves, save for a few walk-ins.
Tickets. We paid Php80 each. If they print the same ticket for all branches, they shouldn't have included the price. This one says Circuit Makati on top.
Aside from wall arts, there are 'real' items you can use to entertain yourselves, like the mannequin leg on the sofa, and a table you can get under so your head would appear on a bowl.
Conclusion, we had a good time. It wasn't crowded and for the very affordable price of Php80 per person, it was an hour well spent. About 28 3D arts available in this branch.

Market Market, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig
Tel: 0915 310 7000

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