Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cat Cafe Hapineko

This is an interesting stop for me. I'm basically a dog person. Cats outside our house are strays, and neighbors feed them scraps. Most times, they're nuisance in our area. They would fight or shag in loud decibels, knock things off, and sometimes even manage to get inside kitchens to eat newly cooked food lol. But I do love animals in general. My friends are fond of cats so we visited Cat Cafe Hapineko in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
Staff were bit cold and not as friendly as other locals we encountered. The head staff was quite strict. She informed us that cats have colour-coded collars. One colour - off limits (forgot which colour), like red collar - injured cat, or yellow collar - cats we can play with. Turns out there were more injured and off-limit cats than those we can touch.
We ended up following them around, meowing to them as they ignore us lol. Staff were watching if we ever make a mistake of laying a hand on the restricted cats. Most good-looking cats were untouchable. We try throwing their toys at them, but cats wanted nothing to do with us haha!
Free drink and sweets for each guest. I decided to just lounge by the window and take my drink.
Milk, the Scottish Fold, super cute fluffy kitty. When I came near, quickly ran under the chairs!
Pissed-looking kitty, probably had a rough day.
Majestic white cat securing its spot under the safety of the chair, behind its basket of toys.

Rates: *with drink and sweets
30 mins: JPY 1050
1 hour: JPY 1575
1.5 hr: JPY 2100

  • There are many cat cafes in Tokyo, as most citizens are not allowed to have pets inside their units. They can de-stress or play with animals in establishments like these.
  • Generally, you come at your own risk. You can't control the mood of the cats. If they don't wanna play, nobody can force them. 
  • You have to pay first before you're allowed to come near the cats, so you can't really gauge if the cats are friendly or tired. Shoes off as you enter.
  • Cats are very loved and cared for in these cafes, and have wide range of toys, cat condos, and food.
  • I think we have a Cat Cafe in Manila now, but I haven't checked that out yet. Maybe if there's a Dog Cafe, yeah.

3rd floor, Cratos Building, 2-28-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo

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